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New York City


Meli tabares

My name is Meli Tabares, but many know me as IMELITY (eeh-meleh-ty).  

I believe that we all have a right and necessity to creatively express ourselves and it starts with our bodies. I stand firm that we should all learn to appreciate the human body and all it's capablities. 


I believe we all need to connect and relate with something outside of our day to day lives.  


I challenge you to connect with moments that you have experienced via artwork, and find your creative expression in art.


I promise to bring forth inpsiration, motivation, and education to keep you in touch with your inner artist..

As a proud Colombian DACA recipient, I have experienced many hardships and fears which today are channeled into my provocative art pieces – a place where my legal status is irrelevant. With finer details, larger canvases, and though provoking body language, I have established myself as a strong in-your-face female artist, that won’t take no for an answer – no matter what my legal status.


As a Latin female artist, I reclaim the human body and depict it through different modern and cultural lenses; challenging your perception of current events and controversial topics. I use the human body as a medium to empower women, educate the world about feminism and challenge thought via perspective based artwork. 


I work with fine details and large canvases to channel the beauty and movement of nature and the human body. For each topic, I research and study my subject to produce an organic presentation of all facets of identity such as gender, sexuality, and mental health – to which I hope that you can then apply to your own experiences.


Why I create?

Why I create?

My Mission

My mission is to be in homes, hotels, and museums as well as working with luxury brands all over the world.


I will use my artwork as a platform to instill the importance of self-love and awareness. Spread the message that taking care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually is necessary.


In doing so I will also inspire women and girls to embrace themselves. So they know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, no matter what society tells them.


I will inspire people to connect with others of all cultures, backgrounds, and identities with love and openness.