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What if I don't know where to put it?

We will discuss where and how it could be hung in your space. I am educated in interior design and feng shui. I want to make sure you place it in a space you can appreciate it as well as any guests or potential viewers might see it. 

How will I know I won't get tired or bored of this artwork?

This is a common question I love to answer. When something has sentimental value it has just that an eternal value. You as a creative part of the process will know that in that piece you find yourself, your mind  and your vision. You might have moments that you pass by and don't even see it, but there will be other  moments when someone asks about it. You will get excited to talk about it and all it's detail because it's an expression of you. If you gift it to someone, you are forever going to remember that you gave a piece of your energy to someone else. They will cherish it because of their sentimental value. 

So no, you will not get bored or tired of the artwork. Its possible you will have moments of forgetfullness. But everytime you redisover it or catch it in sight it will illuminate you like the first time you saw it. 



Is there a timeline I have to follow to for the commission piece to be created?

Yes! Once we set up meeting to discuss your custom artwork. I will then send you an invoice and a deadline for the piece to be completed. Once a deposit has been made, I will confirm all the details and begin the project as discussed. Throught the process of creation I keep you updated with progress photos so you can see your vision develop. I do not show you the final piece because a photo never does it justice. I also believe that seeing it in person is by far the best part about this experience. Before I ship the painting the final payment will be made and your custom work will be on it's way to you. 

Is there a guarantee, in case I feel it’s not right for me? 

Because I am very extensive in my questioning I create for you and your vision. My gurantee is that you will love your piece. I do not refund the deposit, and a solution to satisfy your creative expression is discussed. 

That's what I am here for. I have developed over the years a series of questions to ask to help you widen your imagination and discover the creative inside of you. I work with you to figure out what this custom piece of artwork will mean to you, where you can put it and how to see yourself in it.

What if I’ve got many ideas brewing, but I'm not quite sure exactly wheat I want, besides knowing I want to work with you? 

How does booking you for a commission differentiate from buying an original piece of artwork?

An original piece of artwork stems from my experiences, moments and feelings. Sometimes you are able to instantly connect with the piece. But, commission pieces you are involved in the process of creation. You are the inspiration and what you see in the final piece is a reflection of your creativity. Your vision becomes reality via my hands. 

I believe that no one should be held back from creatively expressing themselves. So we will go through the process of working together and I will create a payment plan for you to pay over an agreed period of time. 

What if I want to book you, I have the vision, I know where I want to put it, but don't have the money right now ?

How can I justify the investment of a custom painting as opposed to just getting a photo printed on canvas?

There are many ways to look at this investment. You can look at it as a creative investment. As a part of the creative process, you will learn to tap into your creativity and apply it to your everyday life. 

You can also look at it as an timed investment, as I grow so does the value of your personalized piece. It's value can be passed down to family members, or even sold in the future for a much larger return that initially invested. 

You can look at it as an investment in your space and it's energy. I focus on creating a positive custom work. When you are decorating your space you want to have the essence of you. Your space is all about creating something comfortable and unique to you. A painting that you envisioned and invested to become reality will always give back with a reminder of the truest form of you in your space. 

It can also be an investment as a gift for someone you cherish or would appreciate this piece of artwork. This investment is of yourself. Why? You are being loving, kind and thoughtful and sending that energy to someone that you believe appreciates and values it. 

But overall, no matter how you look at it, it boils down to an investment in YOURSELF. 

Will I be able to change or add things to the piece while in the process of creation?

Once the creative process had begun, it is very difficult to make changes or additions since I myself will be flowing and tapping into you as inspiration for the work. I do encourage you to be open and communicative with me about what you want. But there is a likelihood that I might deny any more addiitons and reassure you that no changes or additions are needed. 

I know you share your work and moments of creation online and social media, what if I don't want my piece to be displayed to the public?

During our meeting I will ask you what you will allow in terms of sharing via social media and to the public. I understand and respect the need for privacy and will never cross that line. 



How is the pricing determined for the artwork? (Both Commission & Original work)

It is a summation of materials and labor. I use high quality materials and supplies to provide the best possible artwork I can create. Labor is calculated with the time spent on a piece of artwork. Meaning that the more detailed and labor extensive the artwork the higher the cost. This includes planning prior to the paint brush hitting the canvas. You are also paying for the skill set and style developed over time. This is why over time artwork increases in value. No two pieces are the same from one month to the next due to techique growth and finesse. 

If you have further questions,

please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will happily answer any questions you may have. 



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