This piece is about a woman's natural fierceness. It is embodied in the tiger because they are fierce creatures that make their presence known in their community/jungle.

    The angle in which she is in is to show her movement towards standing upright. This is meant to capture the struggles women have faced throughout time and whereas a gender where we want to be.

     She is roaring because it's her time to be heard. She is not scared. But instead, she's proud, excited and motivated to make it happen whatever her goal may be.  

    The aqua colored stripes are near her stomach areas because it highlights wehre her strength comes from, her core. A core that pushes her through. It has been developed by beliefs, experiences, goals and motivation. It's what the body needs to make all the moves literally and metaphorically. 

    Lastly, the lines showcase the levels and phases of life conquered and yet to be conquered. 






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