Miami Vibes

Miami Vibes


This is a collaborative piece that was done with the international Italian artist Luca Bornoffi. Him and I took to the Beach and painted live in front of locals and tourists the weekend of the famous Art Basel in Miami. 


We fed off the vibes of our spectators, and the miami lifestyle. We united our styles to create what we call "Miami Vibes". It's a colorful and playful rendition of what Miami has to offer to it's visitors and locals. It always graces you with the beauty of the blue sky and clear waters. It's full of diversity in colors and languages. It's an all accepting place that greets you with a warm hug everytime you visit. 


We wanted to convey all of the good feelings that Miami has to offer. It's a painting full of happiness and love for the art of creative expression. 


Acrylic on Canvas, 36in. x 48 in. 


For further questions on pricing or the background of the piece, please do not hesitate to contact me. 



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